• Image of The MerKitty - A4 Print
  • Image of The MerKitty - A4 Print
  • Image of The MerKitty - A4 Print

Start each day with a burst of inspiration from none other than the "Fat Kitty". This custom cat art print will make a charming addition to any room in your home. Custom printed on high quality paper with archival inks, it features our sensational kitty dressed as a mermaid, a MerKitty if you will. It is an inspirational art print that captures the light-hearted spirit of a roly-poly cat who shows a softer, loving side and is willing to look after a little fish. It will arrive ready for framing. Hang it in a shared living space or even a bedroom nursery. It is a limited edition The Nosuch Disco original. Order now to guarantee availability.

Each print is signed by me, The Nosuch Disco. It will be posted flat in a board backed envelope, so its well safe!

Technical Bits:

Printed on A4 250gsm Gesso Paper (for that real arty feel).
A4 paper Size (297 x 210mm) 11.7 x 8.3 in
Image size: (265 x 190mm) 10.5 x 7.5in

The Story of Fats:

Let me tell you the story of Fats! aka, The Fatsicle, aka Lord Fatsington, aka Fat Kitty... real name: Oscar!

Across the road from me lives the fattest cat I've ever seen! Initially I thought it was pregnant, but I soon learnt he was male and just a big un... Over the years he has popped over to my house for a snooze and a fuss! Even when he's happy and purring like a power drill he looks sad, it breaks my heart to look at him sometimes, especially on a cold day when he's sat outside... anyway I made a little sketch of him and thought it would suit nice for a Valentine's day card, it has since evolved into a phenomenon. You can see a picture of the real cat in the listing, he is not for sale as I do not own him and I think there are some laws against that... I've also pixilated my face as I look so rank, its for your own safety!