• Image of Fuck You - Tote Bag
  • Image of Fuck You - Tote Bag

Fat Kitty has a message he'd like to share...

That message is 'Fuck You'... Not you specifically, I'd never let him do that, but still, its a powerful message that this huge white cat would like to get across. This lovely black tote bag is perfect for getting suspended from School, kicked off the bus and generally being frowned at by society.

This 100% Cotton Bag is either going to be extremely popular, or I'm going to be stuck with them forever...

I can't wait to find out which it will be!

You get 2 random badges from the Fat Kitty Collection with this bag, if you want a specific badge, just ask. I can't do 'Fuck You' Badges, the text is too small on a 2.5cm badge and it looks daft.

Bag Dimensions:

380mm wide x 410mm deep.
The top of the bag to the apex of the handle measures 380mm. basically, pretty long handles that should go over your shoulder.

Badge Details:

Badges measure 2.5cm in diameter, you get two. They have a pin back and are therefore not suitable for small children.