Welcome to the home of Fat Kitty!

The main players in this operation are...


DB has been drawing weird and colourful things for about 7 years now, its all he's ever wanted to do. During the day he teaches Graphic Design at a local College and by night he plays with a really fat cat...

FK is a really fat cat! He's the Boss and generally has a terrible attitude!

FK and DB have been 'friends' for a few years... They first met in late 2009 when DB moved in across the road. Initially, DB thought FK was pregnant, but he soon learnt that FK was male and just really fat. Over the years he's popped over for a snooze and a fuss and slowly muscled his way into The Nosuch Disco... he wants to change the name to Fat Kitty Enterprises and Corporate Events... Thats not going to happen though. 

In 2012 DB created a sketch of FK and thought it would work as a Valentines Day card... Since then Fat Kitty has turned into a global phenomenon. Fat Kitty has been on many adventures through The Nosuch Disco; he's been into space, on top of the Empire State Building, he's even been turned into a Merkitty and a doughnut!

fat kitty

FK and DB love nothing more than having business meetings in the morning sun whilst enjoying a lovely brew!

All items are designed and created by DB in Stoke on Trent under the strict guidance of FK.