• Image of Fat Kitty - Purple Mug
  • Image of Fat Kitty - Purple Mug

Fat Kitty is a big fat cat with attitude.

People are dicks right? You know it, I know it and Fat Kitty certainly knows it!

He’s written a book about it called ‘Everyone is a Dick’. It’s a perfect mug for the passive aggressive office worker! or if you just generally hate people, but love cats. The image is repeated twice around the mug, therefore is visible regardless of being left or right handed.

There’s a safe version of the mug too called ‘Everyone is Stupid’ – I know my boss wouldn’t appreciate a cat on a mug calling everyone a dick!

Just choose which version you would like from the drop down menu:



This is a 10oz white ceramic coffee mug. It is both microwave and dishwasher safe, though hand washing will increase the lifetime of the print.